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‘The Wheel Of Souls Return’

Self knowledge as a path to fulfillment

 If you are someone who is seeking true purpose and a deeper understanding of yourself, or searching for a new path to fulfillment, particularly in our current climate, then you will find that this process, these books and their contents plus the beautiful cards and imagery can help you.

On offer is a personal development journey working with your own story, sharing with others and hands on creativity.

The method that is explained within the book ‘Middle Earth Wisdom,’ is for when you’re ready to explore your life story fully and to use creative tools, as you uncover what is true for you.

It is a simple process that invites you to be honest with yourself and to do the work that you may have been unaware of over time. It calls you to awaken to your potential as it supports you to have the courage you might need, to step out from the shadows and allow yourself to take part fully in this journey called life!
It has spiritual depth and holds knowledge of the bigger picture. It is with this that you can learn about who you really are and what it is you’re here to do.

The Oracle of Middle Earth Medicine book +

Middle Earth Wisdom book +

The Oracle Cards in cotton pouch +

Wheel Of Souls Return poster

Middle Earth Medicine Oracle & Cards: Taking the journey with Middle Earth Wisdom, you discover that hidden in your own darkness, there is a shining light – representing the union of soul & ego, and the presence of your own Sovereign. This is your birth-right and one that we are being called to reclaim in these times.

Free yourself from expecting received grammar to open up and rule a world of possibilities! – David McAdam Freud, Artist.

The Oracle Medicine book offers poetry and explanations on each of the 52 cards (beautifully painted by artist, Brenda May and their place in the wheel and within this program. The cards can be set out or picked one by one to tell a story, to guide you, to inspire you on your path. You can then read about them from the The Oracle book, as you gain wisdom from its description, its meaning and its symbolism.

The Cards help you connect with archetypal aspects of your soul. They represent the dwellings, the life stages, the archetypes, the resources and the tools of ‘The Wheel Of Souls Return,’ which is the pathway that Caroline offers in the reclaiming of your soul, accessing your inherited birthright and uncovering what has been lost.

The Wheel Of Souls Return poster – is a journey, an exploration of soul purpose, using the Middle Earth Medicine Wheels dwellings, stages of life, archetypes, resources and tools you will discover a deeper understanding of your reality, from your life story that has sculpted you into the person you are today.

Middle Earth Wisdom explains her own journey in finding this particular model of work through her own experiences from childhood, through adolescence, motherhood, Grand-parenting and as an elder now in our society. She has proven this method by exploring it herself, coming to terms with the challenges that life brings and understanding what it means to fully engage with personal growth – and now you can take part in this also by signing up to our courses, engaging with the process and being amongst like minded people who are all on a similar path.

The complete bundle, the history of Middle Earth Medicine, the journey explained and what YOU can do to advance your own self-knowledge, take the journey from innocence to sovereignty and delight in the art work and magic of The Oracle Cards.

Order this now AND be included ‘free of charge’ at an introduction webinar to get you started on the path.


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Wheel of Souls Return

Carolines writing and work takes us through the journey from what she describes as ‘Innocence to Sovereignty.’ It is defined by the model of work that she created called ‘The Wheel Of Souls Return.’ This model is an exploration of our story and our experience of life, which then embarks on identifying your own creativity and what is yours to truly bring into the world.

This is what we all come to understand as soul-retrieval.

Middle Earth Wisdom was written by a courageous woman who has never stopped searching for her purpose in life and in doing this has travelled many paths.

She describes her experiences with candour and sincerity, outlining the fruits of her journey in a way that inspires readers to do their own searching, to find a way to shape their lives with whatever is truely meaningful to them.

I especially appreciate that she declines any role of “guru”, she does not pretend to know what is good for others. She simply narrates her own path with the intention to encourage others to embark on their own journey to discover who we are and what our individual challenges in this life could be.

Hella Elisabeth

Middle Earth Wisdom – from Innocence to Sovereignty, is a handbook for anyone who wakes up one morning and hears the words, “All right! Enough of that! Time for a new life! But what?”

Caroline Carey takes you on a journey from the cradle to beyond, planting seeds of inspiration and opening doors of possibility you knew were there, but didn’t know where to look. Go ahead! Look!

Jonathan Horwitz

Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies


Innocence to Sovereignty with Middle Earth Medicine

A personal development journey working with your own story, sharing with others and hands on creativity

Online Journeys

As well as reading and understanding this process and journey, you can join webinars and group gatherings, where you can study more and engage with like minded people.

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