As you follow the guidance that The Oracle model and the Wheel of Souls Return gives you, you begin to awaken to your true nature. This informs you of the work you need to do as an individual to find fulfilment, happiness and success.

The benefit of this process is that it touches in on perceptions that may have never been thought of, it gives clear direction with the gentlest of teachings, mostly shared from personal experience. It literally wakes us up to new ideas, new thoughts about ourselves and a reclaiming of our innate birth right.

The program is a resource to support you through 3 areas of personal growth engaging with thirteen archetypes.
The Seer, The Hunter Gatherer, The Warrior & Allie, The Magician/Priestess, The Dreamer, The Innocent, The Rebel, The Apprentice, The Artisan or Lover, The Thespian, The Sovereign, The Sacred Fool, The Wise Elder.

Within the program;

The Gathering

You get to identify your purpose in ‘The Gathering’ realm. Which looks at your ability to dream and the power of that. To examine your innocence and your core wound or wounds. And to engage with your own individuality and spirit-rebel nature.

Deeper Knowing

Gain confidence in your purpose, with the realm of ‘Deeper Knowing.’  This apprentices you to your life story, awakens the creative artist that seeks beauty in all that you bring and do, and helps you to form the thespian, actor of life and be able to present what you know.

The Offering

Presenting it to your community and ultimately the world in ‘The Offering’ realm. Your Sovereign being reclaimed knows exactly why you’re here and what you’re here to do, humbling yourself with the quality of the sacred fool and knowing yourself as a wise elder in what you carry, particularly your own individual story, you’re able to GIVE back to others and the innocence that follows in your footsteps.

Get to know different aspects of yourself and your tasks and offerings

You will get to know different aspects of yourself and your tasks and offerings, as together we uncover:


The Seer

1. The one who knows, who witnesses and sees.


The Outer Realms – The program

1. The Gathering – identify our purpose

2. Deeper Knowing  – Gain confidence and know yourself

3. The Offering – Giving back to those who follow


The Overseers – watching over the journey, informed of the work we do on a soul level


The Journey – the work we do on a body, heart and mind level

1. Dwellings –  Open up to the bigger picture, the environment that supports our soul.

2. Stages of Life – Where are we on our souls journey?

3. Archetypes – What quality can we embrace in order to grow our potential?

4. Resources – Waking up our inherent gifts

5. Tools –  Taking up our creative skills and using them to understand more.

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